Christmas Help

Santa Coloring Pages

At Christmas, the most help often comes from Santa Claus. Children believe that Santa hears their wishes and will give them what they wish for. Santa coloring pages will help parents find activities for their children. Children often love to draw and color in pictures of Santa Claus. There have also been many movies about Santa Claus including the famous Tim Allen's movie Santa Clause.

Each Santa Claus coloring sheet tells a different story of Santa and Christmas.

Santa may look different in each picture. The most common Santa Clause face coloring page portrays Santa as a kind old man with long, white beard.

There are many Santa coloring pages that capture Santa doing various Christmas activities.

santa coloring pages

For example, the Fireplace and Santa coloring sheets are popular because when Santa visits a house, he often comes down the Chimney to the fireplace.

Santa often wears a red suit with red hat.