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Christmas Stocking Craft

Christmas would not be complete without a Christmas stocking for each child. This Christmas stocking craft is easy and fun to do. Each child can do it himself or herself with the supervision of an adult. It is tradition to hang out Christmas stockings for Santa to come and put things in.

How to fold a Christmas stocking craft

christmas stocking craft

To fold a Christmas stocking, you will need a square piece of paper. A 10 inch square paper that is red on one side and white on the other would be ideal. You can also use a gift wrap paper or origami paper

First, fold up the bottom edge of the paper. Then turn the paper over.

By turning the paper over, you are now working on the white side of the paper.

Fold it half way and then unfold. Fold in the two bottom corners to make a triangle top that is red, as shown in the picture.

Then fold, from the left side, over three times as shown below. The first time, you will fold the edge to the center line.

 Then fold to the other side of the paper. Keep folding until you have a sock shape paper.

fold christmas stocking

Once you have a sock shape paper, fold the bottom point up to where the white paper ends at the top.

folding a christmas stocking craft

folding christmas stockings

The fold the top half down to make the foot of the stocking.