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Paper Christmas Tree Craft

A paper Christmas tree craft can be used as Christmas decorations. Below is a papar Christmas tree craft that is very easy to do. It is a great craft project for children's Christmas tree crafts. It makes craft miniature Christmas tree that you can use as Christmas tree ornaments or just put them on a table.

It is a great idea for a Christmas tree craft made out of newspaper and magazine. The trees that this makes are great for children's Christmas tree crafts. See also Christmas tree ornaments craft ideas.

What you need for this paper Christmas tree craft

All you really need to make this craft miniature Christmas tree is a square piece of paper of any sizes. Of course, the bigger the paper, the bigger the Christmas tree you are going to end up making.

It can be any color and you can even cut it out of a magazine or newspaper.

paper christmas tree craft
How to make the paper Christmas tree craft?

With a square piece of paper, fold it in half diagonally. Then fold the two sides to the diagonal line in the middle as shown in the picture on the left hand side.

Then just fold the bottom part upward like in the picture below and you will have your very easy Christmas tree.

paper christmas tree craft folding

You can add a star cut from a yellow piece of paper at the top and you can decorate the tree however you like such as drawing stars on it. The folded end will ensure that the Christmas tree that you just made can stand on its own.

paper christmas tree craft