Christmas Help

No Money for Christmas

Many people have no money for Christmas especially when times are tough and there are many companies laying off employees. When you have no money for Christmas, there are a few things you can do to make money for Christmas depending on what you need the money for. Below are some solutions when you have no money for Christmas.

No Money to Buy Christmas Toys for the Children

If you need money to buy toys for your children and you do not have any money, you can go online to websites that give away stuff for free such as Freecycle. There are always people who are getting rid of things they do not want in their homes any  more and some of them are toys. Most of them are not new toys but they are often in good shape and working fine. You can clean them up and then wrap them up nicely to give your Children for Christmas.

no money for christmas

There are also organizations that adopt a child for Christmas. They raise money to buy new toys for children. You can sign up with them and get free, new toys for your children.

No money to buy food for Christmas

If you have no money to buy food for Christmas, you can visit the food pantry or organizations such as Harvesters to get help for food. Around Christmas time, they often raise more money to help people in need with Christmas food. There are also low cost food that you can buy, even with food stamps.

No money to pay rent, car payments, and utilities

Sometimes, people have no money to pay rent, car payments or utilities for Christmas. If you are behind in these bills, you can contact your city for help. They will be able tell you where to call next to get help. You can also call United Way for help.