Christmas Help

Where Can I Get Free Toys for Christmas?

Many people ask ' where can I get free toys for Christmas ' in as early as late October and early November. When times are tough, people often know that they will not be able to afford Christmas and ask for help early.

There are many places where you can get free toys for Christmas but you need to apply early because there are many people who queue to apply for free toys for their children. Bear in mind that organizations and how they help may vary from state to state and even city to city.

Where can I get free toys for Christmas?

Salvation Army

The first place to try when you need free toys for Christmas is the Salvation Army with their Adopt a Family program.

Fox 4 Love Fund for Children

You can also try the Fox 4 Love Fund for Children. Again, apply early.

where can i get free toys for christmas

Lutheran Ministries

If you can find Lutheran Ministries, they often have programs to help find toys for children around Christmas time.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities often collect toys throughout the year and take donations to pass on to children for Christmas.

Local Churches

Local area churches often have their own programs and funds to help families around Christmas and to give free toys to children.

Toys For Tots

Each year the United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR) conducts the "Toys for Tots" Program. The Toys for Tots program collects and distributes toys at Christmas time to needy children. There are different chapters of Toys for Tots for different states and/or cities.

Garage Sales Leftovers and Giveaways

If you are early, around Spring time, many families have garage sales and they often give away items that they do not sell. Some small businesses give away free toys as prizes or sweepstakes. You can sign up for these because they are free to sign up.